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The Pink DIVAS Thriving Retreat

Join us on the Pink D.I.V.A.S Thriving Retreat 2023 in Dubai. Hosted by the founder of The Pink D.I.V.A.S Thriving Retreat Astrid Shover who is a 5 yr breast cancer survivor. This exclusive retreat is a mixture of healing, education, fun and unity while building life long bonds with other breast cancer survivors. Arriving in Dubai on October 22, 2023, all D.I.V.A.S will be picked up by our private driver and dropped off at the exquisite Palazzo Versace Dubai Hotel. Breakfast will be included daily and 3 planned dinners during the 7 day retreat. Astrid has planned a mental health workshop in the desert with a license professional, a medical professional to discuss best health practices post cancer, a ” Dreams and Affirmations” pajama party, Dhow dinner cruise, a tour of the Burj Khalifa, a visit to Abu Dhabi and so much more!

Our Founder's Story

Astrid Shover’s journey is more than a survivor’s tale—it’s a testament to the human spirit’s power to triumph over adversity. After her own battle with breast cancer, Astrid realized that she was secretly suffering to navigate life after cancer. Through her faith and the help of other D.I.V.A.S she emerged stronger and  determined to create a space where survivors could heal, connect and THRIVE! Her personal experience infuses every aspect of our retreat, ensuring that it resonates with authenticity and empathy. Astrid is now a successful International Realtor and advocate for Breast Cancer Survivorship.  The Pink D.I.V.A.S Thriving Retreat is one of Astrid’s greatest accomplishments post cancer. The Pink D.I.V.A.S Thriving Retreat is a nonprofit that provides education, resources and tools that breast cancer survivors can use to thrive through “survivorship”.

Our Vision

Our Mission

During the Pink D.I.V.A.S Thriving Retreat we envision a world where breast cancer survivors rise above their challenges, embracing life with renewed strength and unity. Our vision is to foster a global movement that empowers survivors to reclaim their lives, connect with others, and champion their own well-being. This is achieved in a safe space with education from medical professionals, resources and tools that are tangible and intangible and of course having some fun!

Our mission is to provide a safe haven where survivors can heal, learn, and thrive. We believe that healing extends beyond the physical, encompassing mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Through expert-led sessions, transformative workshops, and shared experiences, we empower survivors.

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